To Win, Avoid Contest


To Win, Avoid Contest

Getting maximum value from media.

If you look for a recurring theme in the Redstone media department, the one you’ll find most is “effective is more important than efficient!”

Here’s what that means:

Among those who buy and place media, a “contest” mentality seems to have developed – who can get the best buy, the lowest rate, more bang for the buck, more for the money. At Redstone, that kind of efficiency is a given for our clients. We believe in working hard to obtain the best unit prices we can for the media budgets our clients entrust to us.

But we also think there is something much more important than simply scoring the lowest cost per point.

We’ve learned that the best media schedule is the one that’s not only efficient but also – and much more importantly – effective. Effective means that the campaign works. That we reach the right people, not always just the most people. That our program selections are a logical match to the lifestyle profile of the target audience. That the daypart mix is appropriate to the viewing patterns of the prospect. And that the media weighting is in synch with the buying patterns for the event or the product.

While efficient can save costs, effective delivers value … and delivers more of what you really want from your media: leads and sales.

In the media department at Redstone, our media analysis software helps find and negotiate low rates, but then the real work – the thought, the innovation, the creation of effective campaigns – starts.