Gail Seaton

Director of Account Service

Gail leads the account service team at Redstone and offers strategic consulting for many of our clients. When it comes to working hard, multitasking and managing the details she is definitely in a class all her own. How does she do it all? We know it has something to do with spreadsheets – but most of it is a mystery to the rest of us. (Stay tuned…we will update if we ever figure this one out.)

Gail was a key player in bringing the Nebraska Furniture Mart account to Redstone more than two decades ago and also spearheaded their incorporation of online video marketing nearly a decade ago.

Gail brings critical thinking, innovative marketing strategies and a focus on real-world results to the work Redstone does on behalf of all the agency’s clients.

In her free time – Gail likes to wind down and relax by doing CrossFit. Yes CrossFit.