Louie Blumkin Memorial Internship

The purpose of the internship program at Redstone is to provide a student considering a career in a marketing related field the opportunity to work with experienced professionals as they approach the beginning of their career.  The goal is to provide a meaningful experience for the student – one in which Redstone professionals take on the collective role of mentor in order equip them well for what lies ahead.  A successful internship experience requires an open mind and a can-do attitude on the part of the student as well as patience, understanding and wisdom on the part of the mentor.


Perhaps no one met the criteria of a successful mentor better than Louie Blumkin.  During his storied career at Nebraska Furniture Mart he not only passed along his encyclopedic knowledge of the business but also his passion for honesty in personal and professional conduct.  He gave generously of his wisdom not only to family members to whom he would eventually hand down the leadership role but to anyone who shared his love of the business and sought his counsel.  Louie B. passed away on February 26th, 2013. It is in his memory that this internship is named.


Those applying for this annual summer internship must meet the following criteria:

Apply today by emailing cover letter and resume to: .